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Membership Forms Overview

Handwritten paper records can last for a long time, as the above excerpt from the "Domesday Book" of 1066 shows. The BBC's attempt at a replacement, in 1985, has consistently run into accessability issues as technology has changed - so high-tech is not always for the best!

For those at Lexdrum, and elsewhere, where they have to decipher unintelligable scrawls, or re-key-in printed data, however, it's an altogether different matter.

Many UKIP websites direct potential members to the online form at, where they can sign up centrally. On the plus side, you know the form is always secure and up-to-date in terms of branding, legal requirements etc. The problem with this is that membership dues for the first year then end up with UKIP central, rather than the branch, who also have to wait to receive notification of membership details. For those who want the easy route, that's absolutely fine, but for branches and regions who would rather do things "in house", here's our guidance.

Preferred Medthods - in Order
  1. HTML membership form with address lookup, send button, and electronic payment. (Similar to how does it).
  2. HTML membership form with send button - UKIP contact sender for payment.
  3. HTML membership form that new member fills out then prints and sends with a cheque.
  4. Paper form printed, filled out by hand, and sent with a cheque. (To be avoided wherever possible.)

NB: Paper forms are also covered by the GDPR regulations.

What to Include?

The following items should appear on your form:

Capturing Addresses.

There are many systems available for obtaing an address from postcode and house name/number. This makes things easy for the prospective members, and helps ensure data is accurate. Here's an example from the Royal Mail:

Royal Mail postcode lookup


The GDPR regulations now require that members have to give explicit and informed consent. It is no longer sufficient to have a single checbox, and require people to check it in order to opt out. We suggest that you include the following section, with associated checkboxes, all default unchecked:

UKIP reserves the right to reject applications or terminate memberships if these criteria are not met.

You should also confirm how they wish to be contacted, with checkboxes as follows: